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Zhenjiang City
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Zhenjiang City

Zhenjiang, formally romanized as Chinkiang, is a prefecture-level city in Jiangsu Province, China. It lies on the southern bank of the Yangtze River near its intersection with the Grand Canal. It is opposite Yangzhou (to its north) and between Nanjing (to its west) and Changzhou (to its east). Zhenjiang was formerly the provincial capital of Jiangsu and remains as an important transportation hub.

Zhenjiang, with its long history, its glorious culture, and its picturesque scenery, is known as "the Scenic City" and " First Landscape Under Heaven". On the Jinshan Hill, the ancient temples surround the hill, and a pagoda tower is over the combination of the temples and the hill. When the fiery clouds are reflected in the surrounding waters, it is really a wonderful scene. The Jiaoshan Hill in the Yangtze River, covered by trees and temples, is like an aerial fairy island in the sea. The precipitous Beigu Hill, a peninsula with steep cliffs and formless crags, has long been known as "First Hill Under Heaven". The Jinshan Hill, the Jiaoshan Hill and the Beigu Hill, like stars dotting the Yangtze River, are usually called the Three Hills of Zhenjiang. "The fragrant vinegar never goes bad. The crystal pork is eaten as snack. And noodles are boiled with pot-cover in cauldron." These three peculiarities, an essential part of the local food culture, are a unique feature of Zhenjiang culture and are known overseas with their long history. The fragrant vinegar is said to be the invention by Heita, son of the legendary wine inventor, Du Kang. The longer the fragrant vinegar lasts, the better it tastes. Besides, it never goes bad, and it's good for health. Therefore it tops in "the Three Strange Things of Zhenjiang ". Zhang Guolao, one of the Eight Immortals, is said to be tempted by the delicious crystal pork and eats it as snacks on his way to the feast gaven by the Fairy Queen. This is the second Strange Thing. When Emperor Qianlong came to the South of Yangtze River, he found the noodles boiled in a big pot with a small wooden lid floating in it especially delicious, and ever since that Zhenjiang had its third Strange Thing.

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