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Plenary Speakers
Plenary Speakers

Prof. CHEN Haishen
Institute of Engineering Thermophysics (IET), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China
Title: coming soon
Biography & Abstract
Prof. Chisachi KATO
University Tokyo, Japan
Title: Industrial Applications of Wall-Resolved Large Eddy Simulations
-The Present Status and their Perspectives
Biography & Abstract
Prof. Young-Seok CHOI
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology/University of Science & Technology (UST), Republ ic of Korea
Title: Effect of Two-Dimensional Anti-Stall Fin on the Performance of an Axial Fan at Low F low Rates
Biography & Abstract
Prof. Boo Cheong KHOO
Temasek Laboratories, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Title: On naturally oscillating axial secondary flow on wall shear stress in Taylor Couette flow (TCF)
Biography & Abstract
Prof. ZHANG Yangjun
Tsinghua University, China
Title: Aerothemodynamics Research and Development of Turbo Electric Power Systems
Biography & Abstract
Prof. Yuka IGA
Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University, Japan
Title:  Compressible Gas-liquid Homogeneous Model for Numerical Analysis of Cavitating Flow, bubble Collapse and Liquid Droplet Impingement
Biography & Abstract
Prof. Youn-Jea KIM
Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, 16419, Republic of Korea
Title: Prediction and evaluation methods for non-synchronous vibration of gas turbine axial compressor
Biography & Abstract
Prof. Francesco ROMANO
Arts et Métiers, Lille Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Lille, France
Title: Instabilities in a Centrifugal Pump
Biography & Abstract
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin BÖHLE
Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität (RPTU), Kaiserslautern Landau, Germany
Title: A description of some future research problems of fluid machinery
Biography & Abstract
Prof. YUAN Shouqi
Jiangsu University, China
Title:An overview of the research in NRCP of Jiangsu University
Biography & Abstract
Prof. Mehrdad Raisee Dehkordi
University of Tehran, Iran
Title: Uncertainty Quantification and Robust Optimization of Fluid Machinery
Biography & Abstract
Prof. SUN Zhongguo
Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
Title:A Meshless Particle Method Solver to Simulate
Unsteady Internal Flow in Fluid Machinery
Biography & Abstract

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